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WHI 5 months (+1 months free) plan

WHI 5 months (+1 months free) plan

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The WHI Package is designed by our team of 100+ Doctors, Nutritionists and Experts. The package focuses on helping you lose weight, gain health, and build your immunity.

What’s included in the WHI Package?

  • Customized Meal Plans taking into account your needs, preferences and medical condition.
  • A Panel of Coaches that consult with you and guide you regularly on your journey.
  • Seven powerful Superfoods that boost weight loss, increase immunity and improve your health: Teatox, TruGreen, Trufiber, Seeds cocktail, Atta mix, Tulsi Drops, Triphala
  • Access to Online Tutorials on food & nutrition so that you can continue to be healthy and happy long after your course.
  • Full Access to Our Mobile App that helps you track your progress, make changes and stay connected with your coaches.

    This WHI package is for 6 months. At the end of this plan you experience a complete transformation in you by:

    1. Losing excess weight 
    2. Improving your health 
    3. Boosting your immunity


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