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Red Rice Poha

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  • Red rice poha is a nutritious breakfast option with fiber and bran.
  • It is made from the red variety of rice called ‘Hsasundi’, which is grown traditionally in the Uttara Kannada region.
  • Unlike white rice poha from which most of the nutrients are washed away while processing, red rice poha contains fiber and bran.
  • The vacuum packaging is a unique feature of this product.


  • 4 servings / 200g box,
  • 10 servings / 500g box
  • Red Rice Poha
  • DIABETES FRIENDLY: Truweight red rice poha helps control blood sugar levels. Poha is generally considered a good meal for diabetics.
  • BENEFITS IN WEIGHT LOSS: Red poha is a good source of healthy carbohydrates. Hence benefits in weight loss. Poha is rich in iron and is low in calories.
  • Since red poha can be easily digestible, it can be preferred for the dinner meal as well.


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