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Gluten Free Atta (flour)

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  • Gluten free multigrain atta, as the name says it all, is gluten-free and made of multigrain.
  • It is healthy, can be used as a guilt-free and an alternative to traditional wheat flour roti/chapati.
  • It is made from an assortment of whole gluten free grains. It is richer in protein, fibre & phytonutrients.
  • It is also better in taste and texture.


  • 4 Servings / 200g packet (8 rotis)
  • 13 servings / 700g packet (26 rotis)
  • Mixed millets flour (Sorghum, Pearl millet, Foxtail millet, Finger millet, Kodo millet)
  • Amaranth grain flour
  • Mixed pulses flour (Black gram, Horse gram)
  • Potato powder
  • Pea protein concentrate
  • Sweet potato powder
  • Psyllium husk
  • Rice protein concentrate
  • GOOD FOR GLUTEN-SENSITIVE INDIVIDUALS: Gluten Free multigrain atta has been specially formulated to replace gluten (wheat protein) containing whole wheat flour. This is especially beneficial for people having gluten-sensitivity.
  • WEIGHT LOSS BENEFITS: The fibre in the whole grains support weight loss as the fibre fills you up for a prolonged period of time. Preventing you from overeating.
  • DIABETES FRIENDLY: Foxtail millet is rich in antioxidants which removes all the acidic elements away from the body; fibres in it controls blood sugar levels and bad cholesterol.
  • MILLETS BENEFITS: The millets are good sources of protein, resistant starch, vitamins, and nutrients. Rich in antioxidants, they also have low GI (<55). Beneficial in detoxifying the body. It helps prevent type 2 Diabetes, reduces hypertension, bad cholesterol, eliminates constipation and more.
  • PSYLLIUM BENEFITS: Psyllium in gluten free atta contains soluble fiber that reduces appetite, improves digestion and provides a feeling of fullness. It’s ideal for weight control.
  • GUAR GUM BENEFITS: Guar gum slows the rate of starch digestion and glucose absorption following a meal, leaving you full for a longer time post-meal.

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