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Why habits: Key to your long term success

“We first make our habits and then habits make us.”: John Dryden

One of the main reasons why diets fail is because people see it as temporary. Anything temporary will give temporary results. The bigger problem with temporary things are that you are not likely to follow them.


On how many days do you miss brushing your teeth? We hope not many. Brushing is not the most entertaining activity, and yet we do it daily! That’s what a habit is!  A habit is a permanent thing and it is extremely difficult to break it. People who drink a glass of water in the morning, will always drink it. But somebody who tries to do it for only a month, will invariably fail.

It takes time and effort to develop a habit. But once you are able to develop it, it takes equal amount of effort to break it. Our biggest advice for you is to develop healthy habits. It will take some pain in the short term, but it will help you for your entire life.

Habits are not optional. Habits are compulsory.  They have to be followed on all days, or at least followed for 5-6 days (and ideally that day when you are not going to follow should be pre-defined).

You might be thinking that it will become so boring to follow the same thing every day. Answer is if it is your habit, it will not be boring. Remember all your daily chores. It’s the same thing daily, and yet you don’t get bored of it.


Start a daily habit, now.

Start a healthy habit now



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