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Detox +1 Month Weight Loss Package Gold

Detox +1 Month Weight Loss Package Gold

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Lose upto 2-4 Kgs in 1 month, through Natural SuperFoods. Get started on safe, natural, sustainable journey of weightloss. 

Ideal for those with BMI 23-25, this package of Truweight is for 1 months' duration. Our clients enrolling in this package have seen reduction of upto 2-4 Kgs in 1 months, through personalized diet involving Natural SuperFoods. Get started on safe, natural, sustainable journey of weightloss, in Truweight's flagship package.

- Lose upto 1-2 Kgs weight in the first 15 days

- Cleanse your body by getting rid of toxins with a scientific food based program

- Get more energy and increase stamina, productivity by eating more of Superfoods

No machines, no weight loss pills, No lies only Honest Weight Loss through Superfoods.

Our scientific food based program is backed by a team of 80+ nutritionists, doctors and food scientists. With Truweight, you will eat almost everything and still lose your weight. Ask 30,000+ customers who have lost over 1,12,500Kgs over last 5 years. :)

- Personal Dietician who will give you customised meal plan. Every month, you will get 4 counsellings with Dieititian

- Superfood kit containing 18 products every month. This kit will include variety of products like exclusive ones (eg. trudrink, trufibre, teatox, shake-a-day etc), grocery (Quinoa Dosa, Gluten free atta, Millet idli etc), beverages (e.g hibiscus tea, amla drink etc), snacks (Amaranth Mixture, Oats Wasabi Mixture, Quinoa & seeds mixture etc), Ready to eat (Hi protein upma, Red rice poha, seeds nuts muesli etc.). Your kit will be as per the diet chart given by your dieititian, delivered to your home every month. Every superfood kit is having ~ 200 servings of meals, snacks, beverages. 

- Constant support and monitoring by Health Coach, to assist you to stick to the program

- Scientific Analysis of your body, along with tracking your diet according to your taste preference. 

TruDrink: Our most loved product. Perfect way to start your day

TruFibre: The most effective product of ours. Great source of fibre.

Shake a Day: Healthiest shake you will ever find. Zero added sugar, no artificial sweetener.

TruGreen: Made from the most exotic Greens: Spirulina, Wheatgrass. In tasty flavour.

Hibiscus Tea: Made from dried hibiscus flower petals which are rich in Vitamin C and anthocyanins.

Foxtail Millet Mix: Tasty and easy to prepare protein-rich meal consisting of nutritious foxtail millet, pea protein and oats

Teatox: What’s better than green tea: Green tea with Herbs

Protein Rich Upma: Nutritious product consisting of oats, pea protein, & dehydrated vegetables; has 50% more protein than regular upma

Quinoa Dal Dosa: Dosa given a healthier avatar: no rice and made with wonder grain Quiona and dal

Amaranth mix: Goodness of jowar, bajra, lentils, amaranth, bengal gram: making it rich in protein, dietary fibre and good fat.

Granola Bar-Almond & Coconut: Contains rolled oats, jowar flakes, and nutty almond pieces with a dash of coconut powder

And 40+ more. 

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