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Soups / Beverage for weight management

Truweight's Soups / Beverage form not just an important entree as a low calorie (density) inclusion in the diet, but are made nutritious due to addition of superfoods.
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Truweight amala drink for immunity
Amla Drink - Immunity Booster
Regular price Rs. 125.00
Truweight’s amla drink contains amla, ginger, and lemon.  Amla Drink
healthy corn soup
Corn Soup
Regular price Rs. 99.00
Truweight’s corn soup is made of sweet corn with low
Tomato Moong Dal Soup is protein rich and low in calories.
Tomato Moong Soup
Regular price Rs. 130.00
Tomato Moong Dal Soup is protein rich and low in
Noni Kokum Drink boost metabolism
Noni Kokum Drink - Metabolism Booster, Antioxidants Rich, No Sugar
Regular price Rs. 199.00
  Noni Kokum drink contains noni and kokum which are
Tomato Soup
Tomato Soup
Regular price Rs. 99.00
 2X more tomato than normal soups in market: Low calorie,
Aloe Vera Garcinia drink is rich in antioxidants
Aloe Vera Garcinia Weight Loss Drink
Regular price Rs. 170.00
Truweight’s Aloe Vera Garcinia drink is rich in antioxidants. It
Natural rich in antioxidants Hibiscus tea
[Tealover Habit] Hibiscus Tea
Rs. 250.00
 Hibiscus tea is a natural tea that is rich in
WOW Drink - High Protein and Fibre
WOW Drink - High Protein and Fibre
Regular price Rs. 200.00
Fibre Protein rich, zero sugar drink; Made of chickpea, barley,
Healthy moringa coriander soup
Moringa Coriander Soup
Regular price Rs. 120.00
Made from moringa leaves, coriander, spinach, lemon: rich in vitamins,
teatox-d for diabetes
Teatox-D - Green Tea with Herbs for Diabetics
Rs. 750.00
Teatox-D is a refreshing and delicious herbal tea especially for
Organic apple cider vinegar with mother
Organic Apple Cider vinegar with Mother
Regular price Rs. 599.00 Sold out
Our Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is made from high quality


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