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Lose upto 2 Kgs in 15 days, through Natural SuperFoods. Get started on a safe, natural, sustainable journey of weightloss, in Truweight's flagship packages.

Detox: 5 days of induction + 10 days of Detox Phase

  1. Get 15 SUPERFOODS exclusively with this Kit like Trufibre, Protein Upma, Teatox, Trudrink and many more
  2. Video Tutorial Series (Worth Rs 2990/month)
  3. Get educated on nutrition for long term success
  4. Learn from the best experts in nutrition 

- Lose upto 2 Kgs weight in 15 days

- Cleanse your body by getting rid of toxins with a scientific food-based program

- Get more energy and increase stamina, productivity by eating more of Superfoods

No machines, no weight loss pills, No lies only Honest Weight Loss through Superfoods. 

Our scientific food-based program is backed by a team of 80+ nutritionists, doctors, and food scientists. With Truweight, you will eat almost everything and still lose your weight through detox. Ask 40,000+ customers who have lost 1,50,000 Kg over last 5 years. :)

- Personalized health analysis and diet counseling by Truweight's Coaches

- Customized diet chart depending on your body type and existing diet pattern

- Superfood kit containing 

- Constant support and monitoring by Health Coach, to assist you to stick to the program

1. Trudrink: 50ml: Has apple cider vinegar, ginger­, garlic, lemon: Ideal fat burner. 

2. Teatox: Pack of 10 sachets: Green tea infused with herbs like cinnamon, triphala, amla etc

3. Trufibre: 50g: Made of psyllium husk, basil seeds, cumin seeds, fennel, fenugreek

4. Gluten free atta: 200g: Healthy, gluten-free, guilt-free alternative to traditional wheat flour roti/chapati. 

5. Shake-a-day (Chocolate): 2 packets: [Irish Chocolate flavour] 100% safe instant hunger savior having all

6. Triphala (14 tablets): Ayurvedic tablets for better digestion: has herbs like haritaki, baheda,

7. Protein Upma: Ready-to-cook breakfast, 50% more protein than normal upma: contains oats, peaprotein

8. Seeds and Nuts Muesli: Hi-Fibre breakfast cereal including oats, flaxseeds, nuts, pumpkin seeds, raisins

9. Amla Drink: Antioxidant Drink to fight belly fat; Contains Amla, ginger, lemon.

10. Tomato Moong Soup: Protein-rich low-calorie soup containing tomato, moong flakes etc. (0 preservative)

11. Tomato Soup:  2X more tomato than normal soups in market: Low calorie, No artificial preservatives

12. Corn Soup: Low fat, low calories and low sodium soup (no preservatives) for

13. Amaranth Mixture: Goodness of amaranth, jowar, bajra; Protein and fibre rich mixture.

14. Chana Jor Mixture: Low-calorie, hi-protein snack containing roasted bengal gram in lime/ masala

15. Fruit and Nut Mixture: Hi-protein, hi-fibre snack including seeds, nuts and dried fruits etc. 


Accessories like Shaker, Measurement Cup etc. 

All of these (and 30,000 more) success stories started with this simple 15 days weightloss starter kit of Detox. Baby steps, long term results.  -CA Srinivas: Lost 21Kgs with Truweight. He joined Truweight for weight loss and managed to control his diabetes & cholesterol too! (Full story) - Dr Archana: Diabetic and obese, 32-year-old dentist, Archana decided to change her image and lost 8 kgs in 2.5 months (Full story)


- Mr. and Mrs. Kini: Lost 46Kgs. "Having a partner in your weight loss journey helps a lot!" (Full story)



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