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[Habit] Healthy Beverages

[Habit] Healthy Beverages

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Contains 4 ready-to-drink beverages, that are healthier, nutritious and tasty. 

For those looking for antioxidant rich, low calorie, 0 preservatives beverages to replace your aerated beverages, tea and soups, this package works best.

Product Name Servings 
Amla Drink 5 servings
WOW Drink 5 servings
Aloe Vera Garcinia Drink 3 servings
Noni Kokum Drink 3 servings

Here are the contents: 

1. Amla Drink is an Antioxidant Drink to fight belly fat; Contains Amla, ginger, lemon. A perfect drink to fight belly fat with the power of Vitamin C. Amla Drink is a source of vitamin C and polyphenols. Amla is believed to promote metabolism and healthy digestion. [5 servings]

2. Noni Kokum Drink: A perfect companion for a mid-meal drink. Rich in anti-oxidants, this drink contains goodness of kokum with no added sugar, to boost metabolism by aiding in digestion. A tasty, daily companion for the health conscious. 

3. Aloe Vera Garcinia Drink: Rich in antioxidants, it contains Aloe Vera that improves your metabolism and thus, assist in weight loss. Additionally, it had Garcinia which boosts fat burning and makes you feel less hungry. 

4. WOW Drink: Fibre Protein rich, zero sugar drink; Made of chickpea, barley, cinnamon and amla. Wow Drink is the perfect drink to quench your thirst and to keep your stomach full. It is a source of protein and fibre.



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