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Noni Kokum Drink - Metabolism Booster, Antioxidants Rich, No Sugar

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  • Noni Kokum drink contains noni and kokum which are known to boost metabolism.
  • It is rich in antioxidants and also contains goodness of kokum with no added sugar.
  • It is a perfect companion for a mid-meal drink. Also, a best replacement for your sugary beverages.

Servings: 5 servings/Packet

  • Noni and Kokum
  • HELPS RECOVER FROM ALLERGIES: Noni kokum juice is effective against allergies caused due to insect bites. The allergies caused by sun exposure can be well treated with this juice.
  • HELPS DEAL WITH ACIDITY & DIGESTION PROBLEMS: This juice is good for regulating gastrointestinal acidity. Also, aids in dealing with digestion problems.
  • BENEFITS OF NONI: Noni is known to lower the risks of gout. Also benefits as anti-ageing, stress reducing and immunity boosting drink. Improving skin quality and helps treat fever.
  • Other Benefits: The kokum fruit is known for its usefulness in treatment of piles, dysentery, tumours and heart complaints. Kokum has shown to have anti-carcinogenic properties inhibiting the development of cancer. Noni also benefits over regulating diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammations and tumours.

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