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Mighty Millet Idli

Mighty Millet Idli

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Ready-to-cook nutritious Idli made from millets, dal & red rice. 

Nutritious Idli made from nutrient-dense millets, protein rich dal & fibre rich red rice. Mighty Millet Idli is a ready-to-cook breakfast mix, which is convenient to prepare with no worries of soaking overnight or grinding. This product has been formulated to include nutrient-dense millets (finger, little and kodo millets), protein-rich urad dal and fibre-containing red rice (instead of white rice) in your favourite breakfast option: Idli. This makes Mighty Millet Idli a perfect alternative to traditional white rice idli.

Servings: 5 servings per packet (200g)

Mixed millets (Finger, Little & Kodo Millets), Wheat semolina , Black gram dal, Edible vegetable oil, Red rice, Red rice flakes, Bengal gram dal, Cashews, Curry leaves, Mustard Powder, Raising Agent, Salt and Dried green chillies 

1.Millets are nutrient dense grain and a good substitute to rice or wheat.

2. Addition of millets, red rice poha and other functional ingredients in Mighty Millet Idli make it a good source of quality protein, rich in vital minerals like iron, calcium, sodium also have higher adequate amounts of fibre, helps to combat the feeling of hunger.

3.Millets are rich in B vitamins, especially niacin, B6 and folic acid, as well as the minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Millets are also a rich source of non-nutritional components like phenols, tannins, phytates and flavonoids and these compounds serve as antioxidants and millets could also be used as a source of extremely beneficial phytochemicals in the pharmaceutical and food industry.

4. Regular consumption of millets is very beneficial for suffering from signs of cardiovascular disease, like high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

5.Red rice has more fiber, bran & iron than white rice. It has a low glycemic score as compared with white rice. A low glycemic score indicates that the carbohydrates in red rice do not cause a large spike in blood sugar. Red Rice Poha is a good source of resistant starch (RS).

6.Black gram dal is one of the richest sources of protein and dietary fibre in a vegetarian diet.

7.This is a well-balanced healthy product with high protein content along with the presence of essential amino acids compared to the low protein white rice based idly.




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