Handbook on PCOS/ PCOD management

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Covers Truweight's experience in dealing with over 2000+ PCOS/ PCOD clients.

How Truweight's book will help you in your PCOS journey:

- it will help you understand the condition in detail without compromising on the science

- It explains the symptoms of PCOS in an easy-to-understand manner

- It lets you know which foods in the diet helps in PCOS management

- It highlights importance of natural superfoods, to improve the hormonal conditions well

"With Truweight, I was able to lose 25Kgs with a great inch loss. Not just that, my eyesight improved and my PCOS problem has improved too. The result: I can concentrate in studies well" - 19 year old Niharika

"With just a new diet plan every week. A detailed diet diary, and following the easy 



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